Young(er) players show up to hear and watch Itchybruddah play. He’ll share what he knows, swap war stories and is forever patient, encouraging, charming and irreverent. The 1000’s of stylistic influences emerging from his head to his fingers are unrivaled locally. Value-added, he’s the Kobe Beef of sidemeat. Established as a regional A-list guitar player, composer, producer, Itchy’s singing/songwriting talent is vastly underrated.

Itchy is recognized by peers as an extraordinary musician. Known primarily for his guitar skills, the comments below indicate the abiding respect industry types and music critics offer regarding his talent as a singer songwriter…

Todd “Bonehead” Townsend: “absolutely first rate songsmanship!”

R.S. Field: Roots rock conceptualist : “Very nicely done..”

Rob PattersonAustin Chronicle etc: “…Avoids the usual Americana/alt-country tropes and cliches….Kinda like Tom Petty with an East Tennessee accent.”

Peter Blackstock: Co-Publisher “No Depression” magazine: “I’ll swear I heard shades of Jimmy Webb running through his songs all night.”

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